A selection of projects completed in Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Olney Sherrington Buckinghamshire: I am based in North Bedfordshire doing painted kitchens Bucks, Milton Keynes, Olney, Sherrington. I have been covering these area for many years now as well as travelling to Hertfordshire, Warwickshire and just north of where im based into Northamptonshire.

Below are a selection of projects from the above areas:

Kitchen cabinet painter Olney Sherrington Buckinghamshire

The above kitchen was once in maple. The transformation was fantastic. Maple being a dense wood is fantastic to paint as none of the grain is visible so you get a smooth consistent finish.Kitchen cabinet painter Olney Sherrington Buckinghamshire

Kitchen cabinet painter Olney Sherrington Buckinghamshire

The above picture shows a before and after. The original oak kitchen was clearly a very good kitchen and would have cost a lot of money to replace. A new look need not cost the earth! A  fraction of the cost to replacing yet the results speak for themselves.

Being adventurous with colour can also pay dividends. This client wanted a colour that was going to give the wow factor. Railings by Farrow and Ball certainly done that! Many people have asked for this colour to be painted on their kitchen too.

Buckinghamshire is a large county. Milton Keynes down to the outskirts of London. I love driving through some of the many back routes to get to my eventual destination as it is indeed such a beautiful county.

Many styles of kitchen are presented to me. Large bespoke kitchens like the one above to existing oak kitchens like the one below which was in Wendover.

Refinish your tired looking wooden kitchen

The last 3 or 4 years has seen an upsurge in people wanting to rejuvinate their kitchens rather than replace. This is a fantastic way of saving money and at the same time transforming what essentially is a tired looking kitchen to a vibrant new kitchen.

The procededure that I carry out from the initial preparation to final finish will ensure you are getting the best possible finish on your cabinets.

If you are still unsure about the prospect of having your kitchen painted or still have some doubts, then just drop me a line or email me and I can take you through whats involved. Please don't be put of by this as I use dustless sanding equipment and waterborne paints. This means there will be no bad odours in your home.

I have tried to make the enquiry process as simple as possible. You to attach photos of your kitchen to the contact form. Please get in touch today!

Kitchen cabinet painter Olney Sherrington Buckinghamshire


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