Kitchen cupboard painting services

Kitchen cupboard painting services

Over the last few years many prospective clients have come to realise that rather than replacing a perfectly good kitchen, there are options out there to give a kitchen a complete new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Kitchen cupboard painting services

There are many examples out there that fit the bill! Vinyl wrapped kitchens, discoloured oak and wooden kitchens, even pre painted kitchens that may have been coloured and sprayed in the factory. Kitchen cupboard painting services

These all come up fantastic! Some instances of blown or lifting vinyl vinyl can be problematic, a decision would be made on viewing any photos of these just to see if they are fixable. Kitchen cupboard painting services

Kitchen cupboard painting services

Wooden kitchens

The above example was indeed a wooden kitchen that just looked tired and in need of updating. Several of the doors had dropped which meant they looked uneven when closed, also some of them were catching on adjacent doors. Kitchen re finishing

In most cases, these can be adjusted to align properly  and to also look more even.

Over time, drawers can also drop because of constant use and weight, again, these can be adjusted or altered to function properly. That niggling drawer that always catches can be altered and or adjusted as to when it was first installed. kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen cupboard painting services

Badly painted kitchen

The above kitchen was a badly painted kitchen and also had a very uneven paint surface. It was patchy and very sticky, the paint was also very soft and not really suitable for the every day use of a modern kitchen. The door on the left didn't even close properly.

The above image shows the degree of preparation that went into this project to try and get an even surface for the primer. Using the correct grade of abrasive is vital! You do not want to damage the structure and shape by being to aggressive with the sanding.

Kitchen cupboard painting services

The above image shows the completed section with the door on the left now functioning correctly. The paint finish was now smooth, even and furthermore it was durable and easily cleaned. Kitchen cupboard painting services

The painting process is not the most difficult part of each project that I do. The preparation is the bulk of the work, getting this process right is essential to a lasting finish.

How the process works?

A question that does get asked quite a lot is how the process works?

I have a detailed quoting system that covers every aspect of the project. Doors, drawers, mouldings, plinths etc... all have an individual code that is entered into a spreadsheet. This also gives a figure for the painting of the project. These are all possible using the photos that are sent to me by the client.

A date is also offered to the client and also the possibility of an earlier slot due to postponements and cancelations. This slot is secured by a booking deposit, you have a 14 day easing of period.

On the day I start, the doors and drawer fronts are removed for completing in my workshop, all the fixed items are completed insitu. The doors are then re fitted and adjusted accordingly.

The process allows your kitchen to remain fully operational during the painting process and the fact that the doors are painting away from site minimise disruption.

Colour choice

Your choice of colour can also come from any palette or manufacturer and is mixed in the specialist paints that I use. I have used these products for many years and know how they perform and react to any situation.

More examples' of my work here

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Kitchen cupboard painting services