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Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks: I have been commissioned to paint kitchens by Mark Wilkinson Furniture and also Smallbone of Devizes mainly to do painted kitchens in and around Buckinghamshire and its surrounding villages.  I am now plying my skills direct to the home owner saving them a considerable amount on painting or re painting their bespoke or wooden kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks

If you have a small oak/wooden or vacuum wrapped kitchen or a large bespoke kitchen then the results can be fantastic using my skills and my knowledge applying specialist products that are available.

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks

A good kitchen paint system involves choosing the perfect paint colours and finishes and creating an amazing hand painted finish. This can be vastly improved by using the correct primers and topcoats. Chris Graham will help you choose the best paints and colours which will give a fantastic personalised touch to your kitchen.

Hand painting the cabinets in the kitchen is quite possibly the best and easiest way you can  improve the general look and feel in your kitchen. This is also true if you are about to market your property for sale. A fresh hand painted kitchen will reflect light and give prospective buyers the sense and feel of a new kitchen.

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks

hand painted kitchen by Chris Graham interiors

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks

The above kitchen in Beaconsfield, Bucks was once a Maple kitchen and absorbed a lot of natural light. The kitchen is an inframe shaker kitchen with a great build quality. The client did not want to replace as the cabinets were in good condition for a 20 year old kitchen. Cost to replace with a like for like would have been in excess of £30k. Painting was always going to be the best option on this kitchen and the results and testimonial speaks for themselves.

Dear Chris

As I hope you gathered when you left today, we are delighted with our 'new' kitchen that you have helped create with your excellent painting skills.You were a pleasure to have in the house and your tidiness, coupled with your attention to detail was first class.We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your work.

Kind Regards,

Katharine and Roger. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

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Kitchens Colour Options

Hand painted kitchens aren’t limited to a few spray paint colours like sprayed kitchens often are or governed by particular door styles if you go down the route of replacing doors. You may in fact feel quite overwhelmed when viewing colour swatches for your kitchen. We will help choose the best colours and paints to achieve the desired appearance for your project.

We have the experience necessary to help you choose the best colours and the best level of sheen. The best paints and also effects can create a truly unique look to your furniture and also give you that durable finish that would be required in the kitchen.

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks

Choosing the right Kitchen Painter

Painted kitchens are one of our specialties here at Chris Graham Interiors. We have had the pleasure of working in some fantastic residential homes in and around Buckinghamshire and look forward to every project that is taken on.

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks

We would love the opportunity to update your kitchen with the latest colours and paint using techniques that we have perfected over time. Allow us to work with you to create that kitchen you that you see in many of the glossy magazines.

A fully customised painted kitchen will create an entirely new feeling within the home. Your kitchen will live up to the reputation of being the most popular room in the home and a pleasure to cook and entertain in.

We put a great deal of effort and time into each kitchen we paint because we understand that perfection comes with time.

If you are considering changing the look of you kitchen and are looking for a kitchen Painter in Buckinghamshire. Please get in touch for a full and concise quote.

We have built our reputation on integrity and workmanship in the Buckinghamshire area. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Take a look at our gallery to see how we can improve the look of your kitchen. Please read some of our real client testimonials before you leave.

The process is quite simple to get a quote. You can send photos via the contact form or you can email them as attachments. You can also upload them to Dropbox and send me the link.

All I need are photos of each run of cabinets. If there is any notable damage please send a close up shot. If you could count up doors and drawers this makes it even easier but it's not essential if I can see all the furniture.

Items that I need to count are as follows:

Doors-Drawers-Canopy-Tall doors-Open or interior cabinets-End or decor panels-Plinths or skirting.

You can also upload your photos to dropbox and send me the link.

If you have trouble putting any of the above together then I can always make a site visit.

Kitchen painter Buckinghamshire Bucks